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mission statement

To provide a viable venue for the promotion of cross cultural understanding,

delivery of education and training in the performing arts.


The Ricardo Montalban Foundation has donated the venue to many community outreach programs. He believed live stage provided the optimal platform for educational and employment opportunities for aspiring artists. The Ricardo Montalbán Foundation was created to advance his vision and provide a home to stage productions with Latino themes, performers, writers and directors.  


Gilbert Smith:

President of The Montalban Company, LLC.

Gil treats his role as Chair as "hands-on," directing both the operation and management on a daily basis while producing entertainment content.

All of Gil’s skills and past creative achievements were called into play when it turned out that he created a team that would actually save The Montalbán and the hopes, dreams, and legacy

that Ricardo Montalbán began.

Visman Chow:
Real Estate Investor/Financial Consultant.

He graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with

a Finance and Accounting.

He has held positions at Union Bank, Commercial Lending,

Universal Bank, Board of Directors, and Chief Lending Officer.

He is a Member of the Board of Directors for EFT Holdings, Inc.,

and Heavenstone Holdings, Inc.

Rick telles:

President Brass Ring Entertainment. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics. His company has produced successful television reality series that include USA Cannonball Run 2001, Next Action Star, and Trainers.

Robbie LaBelleGlobal:

Robbie was introduced to our theatre with his outreach work

as Advertising Director at Nike Sportswear in 2008.

He moved over as Senior Director,

Global Brand Marketing at Beats by Dr. Dre.

He is a graduate of UCLA, majoring in Environmental Studies and Geography.

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