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The Ricardo Montalban Foundation

In addition to acting, Ricardo Montalbán sought to improve the portrayal of Latinos in film & TV.  In 1970, he helped found NOSOTROS, a Latino arts advocacy organization.  He believed that the live stage provided the optimal platform for educational & employment opportunities for aspiring artists. 


In 1999, the Ricardo Montalbán Foundation was formed to advance his vision by purchasing the theatre property, thus providing a home to stage productions with Latino themes, performers, writers & directors. 


The Ricardo Montalbán Foundation & Theatre are dedicated to improving the image of Latinos through the entertainment industry, by providing educational & employment opportunities for artists dedicated to the Performing Arts & to produce, present & support meaningful & world-class presentations that emphasize artistic collaboration, diversity & interdisciplinary work with community participation.

The Ricardo Montalbán Foundation is working to improve the community with support for our theatre in Hollywood. 

Our Board of Directors works closely with our community members to upgrade the infrastructure & expand our presence in Hollywood. 

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Gilbert Smith
Chair/Executive Producer

Visman Chow
vice Chair

Rick telles


Ricardo Ortiz-Barreto


Robbie La Belle

Global Brand Marketing Chief Growth Officer Boosta Training

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