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Everything You Can Expect from A Rooftop Theatre

If you’re unfamiliar with the event that is a rooftop cinema, then you may not know what to expect when you finally take the jump. Aside from being more than your traditional movie viewing experience, it’s a great chance to explore more of your city and open your eyes to new activities for you to do.

Great Weather

In LA, it’s no secret that everywhere you go no matter the time of day, you’re going to get some fantastic weather. For those that prefer fresh air when they’re sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a movie, then this option is the best route for you take. Los Angeles brings the same breezy, crisp air all year round making it a favorite outdoor activity at any time of the year.

Lighting is Everything

Of course, when you’re indoors, the lights are dim, the stairs are lit for easy maneuvering, and you’re shined on by a massive screen illuminating everyone in the audience. With a rooftop theatre, timing and lighting go hand in hand. Not only does the nighttime provide a beautiful background of stars and incredible scenery, but it allows the projector to showcase the movie without any pesky lights getting in the way.

Building Friendships Has Never Been Easier

If you’re on a date, we’re sure you’re not the only ones. Your next group of friends could be sitting right next to you and now’s your chance to socialize. Usually, being inside a crowded theatre is the last place you want to be when you’re meeting new people, but with the open space, there’s more room to roam and breathe, leaving the pressure off of everyone.

The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre

Although our theatre is multi-faceted, our rooftop movie theater is our main attraction with our substantial screen and projector, noise canceling headphones and blankets for the chilly nights. We provide our customers with an all-around expansive experience including adult beverages, games, and even a selfie booth to capture those family memories. See all the movie magic on our rooftop! For more information and movie times, visit our rooftop theatre website.

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