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by Marwan Shahin

February 14, 7:00pm

The Montalbán Theatre is proud to present Los Angeles's second solo exhibition of renowned Egyptian artist Marwan Shahin. 'APEX MIRAGE' features brand new works inspired by the old school Hollywood glamour in our current climate.


As well as his most recent oeuvre made specifically for the 'No Sympathy for The Pharaoh' exhibition will be on display at the Montalbán’s Mezzanine Gallery.

'APEX MIRAGE' is structured on Shahin declaring absolute freedom of expression as he confronts environmental issues, new political and social commentary of our modern day world with his thought provoking new body of work.

Along with the opening of Shahin's show, enjoy the incredible 'TAME: Through A Magician's Eyes’ magic show by Blaise Serra. Blaise and Marwan have collaborated to bring you a truly unique and remarkable celebration of art.

Following APEX MIRAGE & TAME, a meet-and-greet with these two artists will take place in the Montalbán’s Mezzanine gallery. There is very limited seating so get your tickets before they disappear and join us this Valentine’s Day weekend to see life Through A Magician’s Eyes.

Click Here To Get Your Tickets To TAME: Up Close And Personal

Join us at The Montalbán Theatre for an evening of art and magic on Valentine's Day.

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