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Director: Emile Ardolino
Writer: Eleanor Bergstein
Stars: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach 

About The Film

Spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family, Frances "Baby" Houseman falls in love with the camp's dance instructor, Johnny Castle.


Aug 21, 2020. 8:00pm


About Rooftop Movies

Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán returns for a three-week pop-up screening schedule, offering guests nine nights of cinematic experiences under the stars—with Coronavirus safety precautions in place—at the historic Hollywood venue. The venue will offer patrons summer nights to watch a movie and dine as early as 6:00 p.m.

The Montalbán’s new health and safety precautions—including temperature screenings, one-way entry, and exit protocols, seating limitations, face coverings, no walk-ups allowed and social spacing implementations—is in full effect.

With screenings of Oscar winners BlacKkKlansman and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, as well as cult classics The Goonies and Grease, there's something for everyone at the Rooftop Movies series.

An evening at Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán commences when doors open at 6:00 p.m., with the feature film starting 15 minutes after sunset. Guests will need to make reservations in advance to enjoy a screening.

A single ticket will cost $30. Guests seated together must be family members or sheltering in place together.During this limited engagement run, the venue is partnering with Hollywood Burger to offer patrons delicious dining options. 

Call in your order to Hollywood Burger (on Hollywood Blvd.), at (323) 378-5668
Use code: "Montalban10@7" to get 10% off your order.
***You can only use the code by calling in the order it will not work online.

You can place the order prior to the date of your movie you just need to let them know what date it will be for. If you order on the day of your movie just make sure you place your order before 4 pm. If you want us to pick up your order and have it for you at 7 pm let them know to have it ready by 6:30 unless you would rather pick it up yourself at a different time.

We will pick it up at 7:00 pm and deliver it to you at the Montalban Rooftop free of charge to you. Just pay your dinner and we'll take care of the delivery for ya!

“Our rooftop offers movie lovers a serene space with six thousand square feet of open-air,” said Montalbán President Gilbert “Gil” Smith. “We’re eager to bring the nostalgia of Hollywood back, and planned our reopening with great care and precaution due to COVID-19.”


Safety in Serenity

Like many L.A. destinations, The Montalbán had to close for private and public use abruptly in March 2020 to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. The venue successfully hosted a private event—the first L.A. red carpet event since the pandemic—on June 24. 

In planning the public reopening on August 14th The Montalbán Safety and Regulation Team is following city and state guidelines for health and added protocols at the famed venue. 

These include health screenings, a one-way entry and one-way exit, seating limitations, face coverings, social distancing requirements, and no walk-ups allowed. 

The health of all Montalbán staff, including security, the cleaning crews, servers, and greeters, is and will be closely monitored throughout the rooftop season.


Staff will be required to wear face coverings and have limited contact with patrons.

Upon arrival at the venue, patrons must wear face coverings that cover their nose and mouth (at all times, except when seated).


They will enter through the north Vine Street entrance (an outdoor staircase), where a Montalbán greeter will check two forms of identification and conduct a forehead temperature reading. 

Staff will direct each screened and approved guest to the appropriate, reserved seat. Each chair will be spaced out, with venue seating limited to a maximum of 96 people (and may increase in the future as public health officials permit). 

While guests are seated, a staff member will distribute sanitized headphones for the ultimate movie-watching experience. Guests will be instructed to leave the headphones on their chair for the Montalbán Safety Team following the movie. 

To visit the bathroom or exit the rooftop, patrons must use the outdoor staircases on the south side of the venue, through the south Vine Street exit. After the film screening (approximately 10:15 p.m.), guests will be asked to depart in a socially-distanced manner.


Aug 21, 2020 @8:00pm

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