TAME: Through A Magician's Eyes

TAME: Through A Magician's Eyes
Blaise Serra

Saturday, September 14, 6:00 pm

“The Montalbán & TAME Media Presents 

TAME: Through A Magician's Eyes

Starring: Blaise Serra

What if, for one night only, anything you imagined could be possible? Would you use that power for good?

Following the success of the first installment of Magic at the Montalban ‘Leap of Faith,’ magician and mentalist Blaise Serra returns to the Montalban Rooftop Theater in his all-new show ‘TAME: Through A Magician’s Eyes.`


After encountering mind reading and sleight of hand that defies explanation, get ready to be a part of creating some of the most impossible moments you’ll ever experience.


It’s one thing for the magician to get inside your head or show you some tricks, but it’s much more mind-blowing for members of the audience to suddenly read each other’s minds, or have the magic happen in their own hands.


This is exactly how Blaise, a frequent performer at the Hollywood Magic Castle, will leave audiences stunned and bewildered. Get a peek behind the curtain and step into the world of the illusionist, where everything in every moment can become something beautifully impossible.


A world where instead of saying ‘I wish...’ you ask ‘What if?’ Get your tickets before they disappear, and join us September 14th to see life Through A Magician’s Eyes.”



Monday - Sunday: 10:00am - 12:00am