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Accidental Joy - Montalban - 16-9 - Vers

Accidental Joy: A New Musical (Workshop Production)

Saturday June 29, 8:00 pm

Minimal sets, minimal costumes,
monumental entertainment!


Fame, wealth, and love have constantly eluded Joy ever since childhood. A down-on-her-luck, overweight, middle-aged housewife, she has resigned herself to a life of regret and unfulfilled potential. But when Niev Lapel comes to town — a spiritual healer made famous when she received supernatural powers from aliens in the woods — Joy is determined to take one final stab at getting what she deserves. 

Deviating from the standard theater development process, Accidental Joy invites audiences to take part in a completely unique and entertaining workshop production experience using minimal sets and costumes. While these presentations of new shows are usually done for small focus groups, Accidental Joy is changing the trend in LA fashion. 

*Parental Advisory for adult language and adult situations


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