At The Montalbán, we believe arts education is as important as learning to read. Critical to fostering a young person’s creativity is exposing them to live performances of the highest quality.

So we began the CrEATE program ( Classroom Expansion: Arts & Theater Experiences )

Funding for arts education in the United States, and especially for the public school system, has been under attack in recent years. Tight budgets mean an eye for cuts, and arts classes are often the first to go. We are in the middle of a Hollywood renaissance, leading the charge in bringing ground- breaking works to new audiences and we feel it is vital for young people of all backgrounds to experience the theater. Too often children from under-served and under-privileged communities never get the opportunity to attend a live theatrical performance.

The CrEATE program offers an important opportunities for young people to to experience the power of live theater and participate in life on the stage. In the spirit of our founder, Ricardo Montalbán, we bring the theater to a generation of young people to explore themselves and their talents as we share stories and experiences with the community.

Learn more about the CrEATE program and how you can make a difference:

PDF on the CrEATE Program

CrEATE Program Montalban
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